Tall Humor

Video: Greg Davis
Great clip from the very tall and very funny Greg Davies

We love Greg Davies, some people don’t but we definitely do! Here he talks a little bit about the things he experiences being tall! Just in case you were wondering wikipedia told us he is 6tf 8in tall (so he must be!). We also loved him in the inbetweeners but that isn’t tall related. Anyway, enjoy this clip. Also if you know of any clips where he talks more about being tall, please send us the link using the email richard@tall.directory.

Video: Celebrity Height Comparison
A video all about celebrity height!

We can’t believe this video has had 2 million views!  But given it has, we thought we had to include it here, so we did!  Anyway, see for yourself if you think it deserves 2 million views!

Video: 14 Problems only tall girls have
14 problems only tall girls have

We really liked this video from buzz feed.  They picked out 14 tall people problems and presented them in a video that lasts for 2 minutes.  The question is, how many have you experienced?

Video: Being Tall
Video about being tall

Very dry humour from a tall comedian but we think it is definitely worth a watch. Harriet talks about dating and the random things strangers say to tall people!

Video: Worlds Tallest Man

A short video all about the worlds tallest man – Robert Wadlow. Of course, back then, the world was even further behind when it comes to dealing with tall people as this video explained. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Video: Things not to say to (very) tall people
Great video from BBC 3: Things not to say to (very) tall people

We loved this video by BBC3 where they let tall people talk about what other people say to them.  I’m sure you will know all of these!