Richard Vickery
Richard Vickery

Tall.Directory was started by me (Richard) who is Tall (no surprise there then!) at 6ft 7in.  I always used to struggle to find clothes that fit or groups that I could join to share my frustrations!

Fed up with not finding a single go-to resource for tall people I started Tall.Directory.  My hope is that the site grows, the listings get longer and longer and this becomes a great source of help for anyone tall.

I always love to hear from readers so please do get in contact!  Also, I’m sure there are plenty of Tall websites and resources out there that I haven’t listed, if you know of one please let me know!

Lastly, if you know someone else who is tall, can you let them know about this site?  Without this support, this site will not become the go-to resource that I want it to be!

Thanks a million

Richard (aka Stretch as I have become known by)


Tall Facebook Group, Tall group
Tall Facebook Group

Join our Community on Facebook.  We have a great private group on Facebook where you can share anything Tall related.  From annoying things people have said to you Today, to asking the best place to buy long jeans!  It’s a place for Tall people to hang out and talk about Tall things.

To join simply click this Link: What’s the weather like up there?