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Tall Glass of Style

As a tall woman (standing 6’1) I have learned to embrace what makes me unique, to promote positivity and encourage others to see beauty in what makes them stand out. I have always struggled to find clothing that fits my body and became the running joke to my childhood peers with my “high water” pants. I could have crawled under a rock with all the pressure and judgment I received for being different, but with the support of my family and love of style, I decided to rise above the negativity of others and embrace what makes me…


I Devour all things culturally stimulating, stylishly innovative, and am a hardcore advocate of self-love and appreciation. I believe we all have a mission in life to express our experiences like a loving hand extended to guide others in our journey to discover who we strive to be.

Through fashion, life experiences, and viewing life’s glass as half full…
I have decided to drink it all in Fashion Culture is more than just pretty fabric and fleeting trends. It is an ever-evolving expression of oneself. It touches and influences global movements, expresses personalities, and keeps the economic world spinning.

Not another tall blog

A friend of mine told me that blog names should be positive – rather than start with a ‘No’. Still, I don’t like fitting into boxes, so this is NOT just a tall blog!

I am an expat, a busy tall mum of two who loves good books and movies, heavy rock music, progressive metal and… surprise surprise – writing! I write about everything I find interesting, and if there is a ‘tall connection’ to it, even better!

My main topics are structured into categories, which is pretty much all I write about. I hope everyone will find something to their taste here!


My name is Rajahnique Jones. I’m 6′ tall. I’m a Southern California girl living in the Bay Area. I’ve moved away from Southern California a handful of times, and this move to the Bay is the first time I didn’t feel the tug of home! I love the Bay! It definitely is my home away from home. I have a handsome husband and 4 beautiful children. Thank goodness I only had to go through childbirth twice. Not because I had twins both times, but because I have a wonderful blended family.

When I’m not on the concrete runway with my Instagram husband by my side, I’m in a courtroom or law firm in the capacity of a stenographer or at home being a wife and a mother.

A few things I love, in no particular order:

I love to laugh. Funny people are my favourite people.
I love to eat.
I love my family.
I love to see women support one another!
I love God.
I love shoes.
Inches vs. Fashion

I don’t recollect ever feeling uncomfortable with my height. Granted, my memory isn’t worth much. I do remember the frustration of not being able to go into a shoe store and buy cute shoes, which continues on to today. I have to say, it is not yet where it needs to be, And you have to know, I started off wearing a Size 11 shoe and moved on up to an 11.5/12 after having my children. I don’t remember reading about my feet getting bigger before I got pregnant. None of my mom friends put me up on the game. Nothing. I was blind sighted. And you know the drop off in selection each shoe size, even half shoe size, from 10 on is a drastic one. Ugh….

Alluring Heights

Welcome to my blog! I’m Nichole Terry, and this is my fashion blog. I am 6’1 and have been since the age of 12. I have always had a love of fashion, but growing up it was always hard to find cute things that fit right so I struggled sometimes finding what I wanted in stores. My mother is one of the reasons I have a love for fashion. She is classy, elegant, always dressed well, and a gifted seamstress. She made a lot of our clothing growing up, and when I got into high school she made all my dance/prom dresses so that I could go feeling confident that everything fit right. She always taught us to be proud of our height, and to embrace that part about us. She had a good eye for detail and the way things should fit our tall frames. I learned at a young age that fashion was a way to express yourself and a good way to enhance what was naturally beautiful about you and fell in love with it. After all, when you like the way you look, you feel good!