Tall Societies and Groups

Facebook Group
A Facebook group for tall people to share and discuss anything about being tall.

This is a group we started to talk to and discuss anything “tall” related, from the problems about being tall, to what to say when people ask you those stupid tall related questions, to where to buy tall clothes… in fact anything tall-related.  The only requirement is that you think of yourself as tall. So whats stopping you join?

Tall Persons Club

The tall persons club was founded in 1991 by Phil Heinricy, it is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to providing information and promoting the interests of tall people.

If you are above average height, know someone who is, or have children who are taller than average, the Tall Persons Club aims to offer support, guidance, practical information, and a social outlet that facilitates the meeting of equally elevated souls.

Joining the Tall Persons Club can help you gain confidence, and inspire you to improve matters not just for tall people, but for all people. Members also receive the “6FT + magazine” which is issued 4 times a year.

A great resource for tall women.

Tallwomen.org is a fantastic resource for tall women. It lists some great places to buy clothes, some great quotes, fun stuff and just about anything tall women related you can think of.

The only problem is that it is slightly more biased towards US woman than UK women. But take a look for yourself and decide if you think the same


TALLGUIDES.com is an online magazine delivering an intelligent and creative mix of fashion, lifestyle and thought-provoking features to the taller female every week.

Our exceptional team of contributors are talented bloggers, writers, artists, coaches and experts, all of whom have built relevant and meaningful relationships with an audience who think, feel and often look, just like they do. #TEAMTALL is where we play!

Our private Facebook community is a positive and supportive place, where women encourage each other and grow in confidence. We are humbled and exceptionally privileged to be home to an engaged community of thousands of tall women from around the globe.

The Tall Society

As the go-to platform for tall girls and women worldwide, TheTallSociety.com delivers fashion tips in finding tall-friendly apparel, we facilitate discussions on life as a tall female and provide access to other topics of interest to women of stature.

The Tall Society provides a daily dose of inspiration, empowerment, and positivity on the website and across other social media platforms to our audience of over 40,000 Tall Sisters™ worldwide.

In addition, we host worldwide events that are special opportunities for our Tall Sisters™ to connect in person.

Hear from our community members what The Tall Society means to them.